Derek & Tracy | Jeff & Sue

Business partners and founders of Best REI Funding, Derek Dombeck & Jeff Cichocki are taking Networking & Education to another level. The focus is not only continuing their legacy, but to expand, expound, and enhance the great teachings that they facilitated over the years.

With the added value of working right alongside their family, it's a family adventure!

In June of 2019, they decided to take over The Generations of Wealth Voyage. Due to travel constraints from COVID, they transformed the Cruise Events and docked inland and hosted their 2022 event in Orlando at a Resort. Now this year, moving the event to an all-inclusive resort in Mexico, the event continues to evolve and take the topics of discussion to new heights!

At the conference, you will get to meet several that have stepped into their Circle of Trust Mastermind and continue to build their legacy's throughout the year as a community.

Taking networking to another level of relationship building.

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